IT Services and Cybersecurity for Small to Medium-Size Businesses, Specializing in Manufacturing and Engineering Consulting Firms, Located in Southwestern PA and Eastern OH.

You Want to Transform and Grow Your Business and Leverage IT to Help You … and You Want to Protect Your Data, Privacy, and Intellectual Property Against Cyber Attacks.

We provide expert, Managed, and Co-Managed IT Services to help and enable small to medium-sized businesses to grow profitably and increase employee productivity, by enabling them to focus on their business/expertise and passion without being distracted by daily IT interruptions.

Our focus is providing Cybersecurity services to guard against cyber attacks like phishing and ransomware, helping businesses ensure business continuity and uninterrupted operations.

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We are committed to helping fellow business professionals get past their fears and uncertainty regarding technology, no “geek speak”, and we are passionate about making technology “just work”. We will take care of your technology and systems like they’re ours, and we promise to give you the peace of mind you want.

  • We offer enterprise-class cybersecurity services with a $1 million ransomware guarantee!
  • We understand small and medium-sized businesses and the challenges you face every day - it is in our DNA.
  • We are focused on you and your needs, just look at our Client Bill of Rights and FortifyIT Guarantee – Or It’s Free.
  • We are process-oriented and system-driven.
  • We are proactive, not break-fix.

Local Businesses Are Impacted By Security Breaches Everyday.
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What’s At Risk?


Cyber-physical damage to facilities and end products. Potential health and safety to employees. Loss of productivity. Malware
embedded in supply chain.


Hackers access sensitive data and target operational technologies and control systems that are internet connected through Wi-Fi
and cellular networks.

Financial Services

Hackers use extortion, theft, and fraud to capture and establish digital identities of
customers and intercept high-risk transactions.


Infiltrating the network databases through ransom-ware, denial of service, breaches and hacking disrupt services.


Cyber attack of complex networks, tens of thousands of registered IPs and limited or
non-existent real-time visibility of connected

Health Care

Malware compromises the integrity of systems and privacy of patients to distributed denial of service attacks that disrupt facilities' ability to provide care.

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