Our Customer Testimonials

“The staff at FortifyIT is knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to work with. They helped us assess our cyber security risk level and then helped implement processes we use to improve our data security and overall company IT performance.

Security awareness training showed how each of us can contribute to guarding against cyber attacks. We are more secure because of the work they do for us.”

Integra Marketing
Connie K.

"Triality,LLC is grateful for the professional and detailed "Data Protection" services plan FortifyIT has developed for our Research & Development needs".

"Their FREE Business Assessment showed us how valuable and unsecured our data was and why it's important to get it protected. This security has helped Triality,LLC make further progress in writing our proposals for grants and kept our intellectual property under lock & key".

C. Turner

The biggest benefit is having peace of mind that people much smarter and more technical than me have my back and are constantly scanning for cyber-attacks that I would not be able to detect myself. Knowing that they are just a phone call away when we click on something suspicious keeps me from feeling helpless and allows me to not have to be in a constant state of paranoia for when an attack might come or when I see a phishy popup or email. I know that FortifyIT has implemented preventative measures and is constantly monitoring our It environment for abnormalities to quarantine and remove before they can encrypt any data. FortifyIT being our safety net for when we inevitably slip up is what I believe to be their best benefit for us.

FortifyIT has been unbelievable with following up and updating me. Typically, you only hear from IT service providers when something goes wrong, but with FortifyIT they even schedule checkups to tell me when things are going perfectly fine. They are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in our process and finding ways to make us better protected. I can tell they aren't just taking a cookie-cutter approach to their service because they take the time to understand our business and the way we do things and will give me suggestions based on the exact information I provide them.

I would say that they offer a full array of IT services, so they can provide the services under one contract that you may need two or three IT service providers to manage. They also put protection as the top priority and commit the resources to protecting their clients more than any IT service provider I have come across. They can do anything that your current IT provider can do, but will give you the top of the line cyber protection resources and commitment that you probably aren't getting from an IT provider whose main focus is only managed services.

Evan R.
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