Pittsburgh, PA.


Special Agent with Cyber Intelligence says Pennsylvania ranked 6th in country in 2018 when it comes to ransomware, business email compromise complaints The FBI in Pittsburgh is warning of a growing number of cyberattacks in the area and across the state.

“It’s not if you’re going to be a victim, it’s when and how bad you’re going to be victimized,” Olson said.

According to Olson, individuals, small businesses and municipalities are becoming main targets. Olson says attackers are able to research their victims easily, making the attack seem more credible.

“It’s amazing what you can find out,” said Olson.

“You think in terms of social engineering and then crafting a way to talk to you to make you think that it’s part of a legitimate thing. It’s not a stretch with any individual or businesses and municipalities.”

Olson recommends changing passwords often, hardening networks and having backups in place. He also urges businesses to form a relationship with the FBI and report threats immediately.


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