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Hospital Computer System Not Fully Restored After Attack

MEADVILLE, PA. (AP) — A northwestern Pennsylvania hospital’s computer system has yet to be restored fully almost three weeks after it was hit by a computer virus, officials said.

The March 26 malware (malicious software) attack took down a number of functions at Meadville Medical Center from email to electronic medical records, the Meadville Tribune reported.

Five days after the attack, the hospital said a third-party forensic firm had determined that it was safe to bring the system’s electronic medical records back online. Other systems remain down, officials said.

The hospital said Tuesday that it had identified and removed malware on its system and has been “working diligently” to restore complete access. Meadville Medical Center said it expects “the vast majority of core systems to be restored and functional this week.”

There was no indication of “any unauthorized access to or taking of patient information,” the hospital said.

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